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Where to go, What to do: Homossassa Edition

    There are many interesting places to visit while in Homosassa, one you will see on your way to the house is the Yulee Sugar Mill. Built in 1851 the Yulee Sugar Mill played a part in the civil war supplying the Confederate soldiers with sugar. The Plantation was burned to the ground in 1864 and all that remains is the mill. Now it is part of the State Park system and open to all visitors.

    Yulee sugar mill seen here in 1920

    The Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park can be seen from US 19 and is also located on your way to the house. It is a wonderful park filled with many native animals local to the area and an exciting chance to experience Florida wildlife up close.

    Howard's Flea market can be seen on US 19 just south of Homosassa, very popular on the weekends they have all sorts of items for sale. They have a couple of notable places to buy hard to find plants and quite a few antique stalls.

    During your stay in Homosassa you can rent a boat and cruise the river or take an air boat tour. During the scalloping season (July - Sept) the search is on as many people are out in the gulf snorkeling in the shallows and collecting scallops. If you don't have your own boat or don't feel comfortable navigating the rocky shallows of the gulf you can always hire a captain to take you to the best spots. Visit the St Martin's Keys while out on the water. Clear waters and numerous aquatic life can be found in this little known region right off the Bay of Homosassa. See below for more information.

     These little treasures will make a delicious dinner!

    There are different tours that will take you on either the Homosassa River or Crystal River and you can swim with the manatees and enjoy a day on the water. Also be sure while on your tour to check out the monkeys on Monkey Island, a landmark on the Homosassa River.

    See the monkeys on Monkey Island on the Homosassa River.


    Great food here at the Old Homosassa Smokehouse!

    Of the many places to eat in Homosassa there is one place that you must try, the Old Homosassa Smokehouse. You will see it on your way in, it is small but beautifully painted. It is perfect for take-out, you can eat there if you like but there is only one table. They have the best ribs and smoke mullet that the area has to offer, the best BBQ sauce and fresh side dishes. 

    There is another place very popular with the locals, The Freezer which is a former fish/shrimp freezer that has been transformed into a tiki bar. You can even bring your boat and dock at the restaurant as it is right on the river. They have the best seafood around but get there early to get a table.

    Not sure which to choose? Try both, this traveler did.



    This short video taken last summer shows the owner and his brother testing out a sail on the calm waters of Homosassa bay in the middle of the Saint Martin's Keys. Note the clarity of these shallow waters which are full of corals, sponges, sea fans and other tropical life. This area is only 15 minutes away from the entrance to Mason Creek on the Gulf of Mexico. The water depth in this video ranges from 2-4 feet making it perfect for wading and exploring on foot or by snorkel diving. Bring your cameras as you will no doubt see sea turtles, wading birds, and fish galore!

    Check out these videos shot by guests at the Saltwater Springs Retreat.

    St Martin's Marsh Aquatic Preserve Citrus County, FL

    St Martin's Marsh Aquatic Preserve Citrus County, FL

    St Martin's Marsh Aquatic Preserve Citrus County, FL